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Why Silicone?

All silicone protection …
sometimes, your skin needs a little help.

If you’ve been using the current products available on the market for your stoma care, you’ll know all about the irritation, leakage and discomfort they can cause.  The use of our new silicone technology based materials provide a much better seal, don’t absorb wastes (that cause irritation), and are far easier to remove, without sticking to the skin.

Skin is the largest organ of your body and usually provides an excellent barrier function. For many people however, keeping skin healthy becomes a daily challenge. Trio’s new and advanced, silicone technology offers many benefits over traditional and rather outdated hydrocolloid ostomy devices.

Our new, custom-formulated silicone adhesives deliver instant and secure adhesion to the skin, whilst being atraumatic on removal. Furthermore, our adhesives leave no residue on removal resulting in a quicker, cleaner pouch change regime. Significantly, our adhesives do not absorb large amounts of moisture and body waste and are therefore more hygienic to use. They retain their integrity and shape for extended wear time but allow the skin to breathe resulting in reduced risk of maceration and healthier skin.

The table below shows the difference between Trio’s advanced silicone technology and traditional hydrocolloid adhesives.

Clinical NeedHydrocolloid AdhesivesTrio’s Advanced Silicone Technology
Instant AdhesionPoor instant adhesion due to non-adhesive hydrocolloid fillers used in final compositionInstant adhesion due to low surface energy and high flexibility of silicone polymers
Adhesion level does not increase over time (resulting in ease of removal and reduction in ‘skin stripping’)Increases over time due to the adhesive matrix flowing into skin (non – cross-linked polymer)No significant change in adhesion over time (cross-linked polymer)
HygienicAbsorbs faeces and urineNon-absorbent but breathable to moisture
Clean removal (no residue)Breaks down in the presence of faeces and urineMaintains integrity and shape in the presence of faeces and urine allowing for one piece removal –leaves no residue

TRIO_ILLUST_3.0Still getting leaks, discomfort, irritation and lack of security?… Feel the difference, experience the benefit of our advanced silicone technology

Trio’s advanced silicone technology

  • More hygienic than traditional ostomy adhesives – does not absorb body fluids
  • Allows the skin to breathe – for improved skin condition
  • Maintains integrity and shape – Does not break down in the presence of body fluids
  • One piece removal – leaves no residue on the skin